Navajo Tribal Parks


SPECIAL USE PERMIT (Weddings, Workshops, etc)

NOTE : All areas on the Navajo Nation are closed to non-Navajos unless you have a valid camping, hiking or backcountry permit issued by the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department or other delegated tribal authority. Failure to have a permit is considered Trespassing on a Federal Indian Reservation.

DO NOT desecrate Navajo lands and violate the trust of the Navajo people by discarding cremated human remains on tribal lands. Please respect our tribal beliefs.

A permit is required by the Navajo Nation for any person conducting or providing guided tour services of any kind. Contact Navajo Parks & Recreation Department for more information or contact the park manager within the area of interest.


A permit is required for fishing any lakes or streams, and also for hunting for game on lands under the jurisdiction of the Navajo Nation.

Permits, fees and dates can be obtained from the Fish and Wildlife Department.
Navajo Fish & Wildlife -
Dept. P.O. Box 1480
Window Rock, Arizona 86515


To request a fee waiver, send a written request at least 3-4 weeks before your trip to or fax to (928)698-2820

Please send your letter (on school letterhead) as an attachment in MS Word, PDF or similar format. Issued fee waivers will be returned by email. Include : number of students, name of school, date of arrival, contact person, and purpose of trip.

Tribal Affiliation


The Navajo Nation is comprised of more than 25,000 square miles and offers hikers numerous isolated trails and routes. For the safety of hikers who enter the reservation and for the protection of natural and cultural resources, the Parks and Recreation Department has implemented guidelines for backcountry use.

The trails are not improved or maintained, and are usually marked with rock claims. To reach the trailheads, topographic maps and drives over rough dirt roads are required. Roads can become impassable in wet weather, and conditions can change quickly. Travelers are cautioned to be prepared. To ensure having an enjoyable experience, plan your trip carefully. Most trails are rated strenuous to moderately strenuous, and good physical conditioning is important. Many Navajo families still live on the reservation annually, please be respectful of homesites and animals in these areas. The terrain is rough, water is scarce and the weather is often extreme in most areas.

In the summer, the trails are hot and dry; in winter, elevations make them subject to severe cold and high winds. Due to the quick changes in the weather, be aware of the dangers of flash floods. While this danger is greatest during the summer monsoon season (July through September), flash floods can occur at any time of the year.

Contact the Park Office for detailed information about the trail you will venture.

Form for : Requesting for Hiking/Camping Permit

Backcountry permit FEES: $12.00 per person, per 24 hour period.

Good for Hiking and Camping in the boundaries of the Navajo Nation

SPECIAL USE PERMIT (non-refundable)

A special event could be commercial film shoot, commercial photography shoot, photography workshop, wedding, etc.

Any request for a Special Use Permit shall be submitted in writing in advance of the planned activity and submitted to the Park Manager.

A Special Use Permit is valid only for the park that issued the permit.

  • Processing Fee / application for 1 - 3 people $50.00
  • Processing Fee / application for more than 3 people $100.00
  • Processing Fee / application (After the Fact) $200.00



The Navajo Parks and Recreation Department was established by the Advisory Committee of the Navajo Tribal Council pursuant to Resolution CAU-48-64. The Department is responsible for the protection, preservation and conservation of the natural and cultural resources and values within established Navajo Tribal Parks, Monuments and Recreation Areas.

Requests for commercial filming and photography in areas under the authority of the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department are received regularly.  The purpose of these Commercial Filming and Photography Policy and Procedures is to establish guidelines to be followed in the application for, review, approval/disapproval, of commercial filming and photography permits.

Navajo Parks and Recreation Department shall allow commercial filming and photography in tribal parks, recreation areas and monument only in a manner consistent with these policies and procedures.

Navajo Parks and Recreation Department, has the authority to issue filming permits in tribal park areas pursuant to Government Services Committee resolution GSCJY-18-04, Section IV. J.

These policies and procedures apply within tribal parks, recreation areas, monuments and other areas under the authority and supervision of the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department.  The policy and procedures also apply specifically to filming and photography undertaken for commercial purposes, i.e. for financial gain or public display and exhibition.

  • $50.00 Processing Fee for applications that have all the required information for one person. ($25.00 additional Processing Fee that involves photocopying for more than one person or requests for additional documentation or revisions)
  • $100.00 Processing Fee for weddings, film companies or photography workshops that involve five or more people
  • $200.00 Processing Fee for all “After-the-Fact” requests for Special Use Permits.

Commercial Permits to be issued by Park Manager:



OTHER TRIBAL LAWS - The Navajo Office of Broadcast Services has the authority to issue filming permits on the Navajo Nation in compliance with all Navajo Nation law.   The Office of Broadcast Services may not issue filming permits in tribal park areas without prior consultation with the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department and may not charge land use fees in such areas.   The Office of Broadcast Services may issue filming permits in non-tribal park areas without prior consultation with the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department.


A special permit is required for commercial filming and photography on all areas of Navajo land. A permit may be obtained by contacting the Navajo Office of Broadcast Services.
Office of Broadcast Services -
P.O. Box 2310
Window Rock, Arizona 86515

For all video, audio, documentary, cinematography, photography format material for production, educational, general news related & documentary, marketing/promotions, broadcast purpose intent contact Navajo Office of Broadcast Services and review all documents on their website.

Return the following documents to Office of Broadcasting Services before any production:
1. Application
2. Consent Form
3. Expenditure Report